What We Do

The Empanada Sonata’s goal is to provide the ultimate “eat out” experience. We offer delicious, home-made empanadas ranging from the classic beef empanada to a daily special empanadas. The Empanada Sonata also features seasonal empanadas! Along with this wide range of delicious empanadas, our guests can choose from many different dipping sauces. If that isn’t enough for your different dipping sauces. If that isn’t enough for your pallet, the Empanada Sonata also offers classic plantains, sweet plantains, and Cuban and Puerto Rican Classics.

The Empanada Sonata also has a food truck that travels to food truck rally’s, festivals, private events and more.


Due to inflation and rising food costs, our prices will be slightly higher. We're getting new menus printed.

The Empanada found its niche in the food truck business. And once the Empanada Sonata got off the ground, it was only a matter of time before there was a brick and mortar restaurant in the heart of Downtown Murfreesboro!

Co-Owner, The Empanada Sonata


Empanada Time

Call us to reserve the Empanada Sonata for your reception or party at (615) 617-3781